The Press Council of the Slovak Republic is the executive body of the Association for the Protection of journalistic ethics (APJE) in the field of ethical self-regulation of journalists. The Press Council adresses complaints about the possible violation of journalistic ethics, as well as motions concerning restraining the journalists’ access to information.

The foundation contract of the Association for the Protection of journalistic ethics in the Slovak republic was signed on October 2, 2001 by representatives of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists and Slovak Press Publishers’ Association. The Association for the Protection of journalistic ethics is led by an assembly of representatives, in which each of the member organisations has three members. The leaders of both organisations regularly take turns heading APJE.

The Press Council was constituted in April 2002 and consists of seven members – in accordance with the approved STATUTE – figures of the public, cultural and social life that are not actively working as journalists or publishers and do not represent any political party.

In years 2002-2008, painter Miroslav Cipár served as the chairman of the Press Council. Between 2008 and 2011, the Council was chaired by JUDr. Zuzana Ďurišová and underchaired by Július Lörincz, who became the chairman in 2012. In year 2015 – more specifically from 1. 7. 2015 to 7. 11. 2015 – the council was chaired by PhDr. Michal Arpáš. As of May 23rd, 2016 the new chairman of the Press Council of the Slovak Republic became Július Lörincz.

Since its formation, the Press Council follows the Code of Journalistic Ethics.

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